3 Time-Saving Strategies For Your Blog

blog time saversKeeping up your blog can be a major time suck. With managing your business, finding clients, and actually doing the work, there’s hardly enough time for maintaining a blog (or a social life amiright?!)

Blogging can be hugely important to your business, especially in attracting new clients and building up your community. It’s one of those things that you have to make time for to see a return from. Here are 3 ways to get more done with less time for your blog.

Write In Your Zone

You know how sometimes the words flow effortlessly from your fingertips and sometimes they just… don’t? It’s a huge waste of time to try to write when you’re feeling blocked. Find your sweet spot for writing – a time when you are energized and distraction free. You’ll get more words out and it will feel like less of a chore. Experiment with writing at different times of the day and find where you’re most productive. And the most important part… Schedule it in your calendar for the next 20 years.

Try Writing In Themed Blocks

Switching topics during your writing session can waste time while your brain moves from one thought process to another (same goes for any kind of work, really.) Try choosing a theme and write as much about it as you can possibly get on paper all at once. After, break it down into blog posts by combining pieces that fit together. This is a bit like a free write session, but restricted by the theme so that you can make useful connections to build several posts.

Introduce A Series

You can be sneaky and publish blog posts that don’t require that much writing on your part. Create an interview series with people in your field or post a weekly round up of rad stories. The posts will still be valuable to your readers but will require a fraction of the time to actually create because someone else has done the majority of the writing already.

The real best way to get more blogging done is to make time for it and stick to a schedule. It can be a drag, but the boost in traffic and business is all worth it.

Blog on friends.