Welcome to Day 13 of the 31 Days of Marketing Your Freelance Business Series! For the month of October we are going to be covering a ton of different ways you can market your business and get more clients.

optimize twitter profileWhen people look at your twitter page, they take about 4 seconds to decide if they are going to follow you or not. And getting a new follower means growing your network, a chance at making a new connection with someone, and the opportunity to share your content with this person for a long time. So, it’s pretty important to make an impression in that 4 seconds.

An optimized Twitter profile is going to attract the right people and make all of your social media efforts pay off that much more. Keep these 5 pieces in mind for an awesome twitter profile:

  1. Profile Picture – the profile picture is the first thing people look for, and often times will recognize you by your picture before your name or twitter handle. So make it memorable! If you have the twitter egg I automatically assume you are a bot, so just get out.
    Try to use a good picture of yourself, rather than a cartoon or something unrelated to you. And smile, maybe? At least look somewhat approachable. I don’t want to follow someone that looks like they might yell at me. The ideal profile pic size is 400×400 pixels.
    twitter header photo
  2. Header Photo – a few months ago twitter made some changes to their layout (you probably noticed). Now you can have a full width header on your profile, much like Facebook cover photos. You should absolutely be using this real estate to promote your brand and make your page more attractive.
    Use a tool like Canva to design a cover photo that is 1500×500 pixels. Try to tie in your brand style and colours with your website to create a recognizable and cohesive feeling across your channels.
  3. Website Link – There is a space on your Twitter profile for a website link which you should NOT leave blank. It is important to give people a place to go where they can learn more about you. Ideally, you will link back to your website. If you don’t have one link to your LinkedIn page or About.me page. Also, if you don’t have a website read this then call me so we can get you set up.
  4. Twitter Bio – Your Twitter bio is as important as your About page on your website, only shorter. Use keywords that your clients and colleagues are looking for such as writer, designer, or photographer. You can also indicate in your bio that you are a freelancer so people will know that you are for hire.
    Have fun with your bio, too! Include your interests and try to tell your story in 160 characters. Make it relatable. Maybe your dream client will see your bio and be like “whoa! I love donuts and corgis, too!” and BOOM! you’ve got a new client/friend for life.
  5. Pinned Tweets – Another feature Twitter introduced in the redesign is pinned tweets. You can now choose a tweet to pin at the top of your page so it is the first tweet readers see on your profile. You can use this feature to highlight a blog post you are particularly proud of, share a major launch or announcement, or sum up you and your brand.
    Try to use emotion in this tweet rather than straight selling though. Tweets that elicit an emotional reaction have a better chance of receiving engagement. Check out this example from Hey, Sweet Pea with 87 retweets and 76 favourites!twitter pinned tweet

Spruce up these 5 must-haves on your twitter profile and make a great impression on everyone who finds you!

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