You and me, we’re the same.

We both took the unconventional path of becoming a freelancer and an entrepreneur, because screw convention.

I’m excited you’re here because I can tell we are going to get along. I’m guessing you want a to build a thriving business that lets you work from anywhere and still have a life. Yeah. That’s my jam, too.

That’s why I created this space. A space where freedom, flexibility and fun drive everything. A space where quitting your job to explore the world and work on your own schedule is totally normal. A space where running your business is approached in an unconventional way – because screw convention, remember?

You want to grow your business your way.

You need practical advice that you can apply to your unique business and life.

You need creative strategies that totally align with who you are.

You need someone who gets it. Someone who has been there. Someone who has said Fuck It to the cookie cutter way of life and made non-conformity work for them.

Good news. You’re home.

Let’s make shit happen.

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kayil barth


Oh hey there. I’m Kayli. Freelance nomad and full-time dreamer.

A few years ago I had a dream of leaving my corporate job for more flexibility, more fulfillment, more freedom and more fun. I had a good job in tech, but it wasn’t fulfilling and the long commute was butchering my social life. I went to work, I went to the gym, I came home, I went to bed, I did it all again the next day. I was a zombie. I wanted out.

So one day I made an exit strategy. I started freelancing as a marketing consultant, helping small businesses and marketing agencies with their social media campaigns. It filled the very little time I had left, but I didn’t mind because I had a goal. I got busy enough with freelance work that within a few months I was able to leave my soul-sucking job and branch out on my own. I felt so liberated and started sharing my success tips with friends that wanted to escape their cubicles, too. I knew I wanted others to experience the same freedom and success that I’ve had, and The Freelance Hustle was born.

Stuff you probably don’t know/don’t care about: I’m a Montreal transplant, originally hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, and I am every Canadian stereotype you can think of. I love donuts and poutine, I say ‘eh far too much, and I put maple syrup on everything. When I’m not devouring sugar you can probably find me running, cooking, reading, or watching stand-up comedy on Netflix. I have a tattoo of a beard wearing a party hat (my mom is so proud). This year I decided to be fully location independent. I’ve visited Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Malaysia and am currently in Thailand.