Facebook Update Lets Brands Tag Other Pages in Posts

Facebook announced a news feed update on Tuesday that may extend a brand’s reach.

Now when a Page tags another Page in a post, that update may be seen by people who like or follow the tagged page. This feature has existed for a while for personal pages, but Facebook is just rolling it out now for brands.

This might seem like a great opportunity to take advantage of pages with huge followings for a chance to capture some of their audience. Tag Katy Perry or Disney in your post and get in front of their 50 million fans? Yes please! I can already imagine the abuse of this tactic! And so did Facebook. The pages and content have to be relevant to one another to appear in the non-followers news feed.

Brands can take advantage of this new feature by writing engaging content and tagging pages relevant to their stories. This way your updates have a chance of being seen by people that might be genuinely interested in your brand! Well played Facebook.