I’m hosting this free training for you on HOW TO GET NEW CLIENTS on Tuesday October 13th at 8PM EST/ 5PM PST.

A little while ago I asked all the freelance hustlers what their biggest struggles and challenges are, and almost everyone said the same thing >>> Getting new clients consistently is a bitch!

But seriously, it doesn’t have to be. I have been freelancing full-time for over 3 years and have tried most of the tricks and tips out there for getting new clients. And I’ll be honest… some of those tips are bullshit.

So I thought I would get real and share with you what has worked for me┬áto keep my client roster booked for the last 3 years. In this free training, I’m going to be laying out the process I go through when I need to find new clients, and the tools I use to turn strangers into clients.

No bullshit tips you guys. Just real things you can do right away to get new clients this month, and every month.

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Free Webinar! Get booked: The 5 steps to getting new clients this month. October 13th at 8pm EST. Sign up now!

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