Welcome to Day 28 of the 31 Days of Marketing Your Freelance Business Series! For the month of October we are going to be covering a ton of different ways you can market your business and get more clients.

help freelancersYou’re competing for gigs. You’re competing for clients and referrals. You’re competing for traffic to your website. A lot of freelancers have this notion that other freelancers in their industry are the enemy because they’re always in competition. If you have this attitude, I get it. I do. But just stop. It’s getting you no where.

When you get over this mindset and embrace other freelancers and entrepreneurs as allies, doors will magically start opening for you. You’ll start to find opportunities for collaborations and guest posts, exposing you to new audiences. You may get referrals for clients when your freelancer friends are too busy. At the very least, you’ll start forming new relationships with people that GET your crazy life and maybe even get some gems of advice.

So how do you start opening these doors? Help! The best way to form these mutually beneficial relationships is to get the ball rolling yourself by reaching out and helping other freelancers in some small ways.

How You Can Help Other Freelancers

  1. Tweet their stuff – follow other freelancers and entrepreneurs in your niche and share their content on social media. A re-tweet actually means a lot to people. Create a twitter list of people you want to interact with on a regular basis so it’s easy to remember.
  2. Interact with them – reply to their tweets and comment on their blog posts. Share your experiences and ideas with them. Congratulate them on their successes. Having conversations online is really easy, you guys.
  3. Buy their stuff – support other freelancers by buying their work. Decorate your office with their prints, learn something new from their ebook, or grab a spot at their next event.
  4. Hire freelancers – when you need something done for your business, why not hire a freelancer to help? Get a freelancer designer to create your logo or business cards, hire a research freelancer to help you with your SEO, or get a solo accountant to help you at tax time.
  5. Refer or subcontract work – when you have work that you can’t take on, either because you are too busy or it doesn’t fit your skill set, refer that work to someone in your network. It helps out another freelancer and the client will appreciate you for the suggestion.

Once you start showing support and encouragement to other freelancers, they will do the same for you. Friendships will blossom, birds will sing, and money will rain down from the heavens. Seriously, I’ve seen it.

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