Think about all the times when you have a 10-minute lull in your day.

Whether it’s a break at the office, between meetings with clients, while you’re waiting for water to boil or in line at the grocery store, or you’ve just finished a task ahead of time and don’t have anything scheduled for 10 minutes.  These little pockets of time can add up.

If you have a mile long to-do list or you’re running a side hustle, you want to optimize every minute of the day, right? These little pauses in the day seem pretty useless – what can you get done in only 10 minutes?

There are actually tons of little things you can do with these 10-minute lulls to boost your business. Use your breaks wisely and you can be knocking things off your to-do list all day long while setting your business up for success.\

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to grow your business when you only have 10 minutes:

  • Post on Instagram
  • Retweet someone you want to collaborate with on twitter
  • Respond to an email you’ve been putting off
  • Answer a post in a Facebook group
  • Write an email to someone you want on your team of power people one day
  • Brainstorm a list of blog topics you could write on
  • Watch an episode of Marie TV or She Takes On The World for a quick shot of inspiration
  • Prepare and send an invoice
  • Update your task management list
  • Watch a quick tutorial on something you want to learn
  • Create a Pinterest graphic for your next blog post
  • Create a quote image to share on social media
  • Use Co-Schedule to share your old blog posts on twitter
  • Find a new Facebook or Slack group you can join
  • Check your site analytics or Facebook ad statistics
  • Hop of Periscope and do a #QuickScope
  • Try dictating whatever is on your mind for a new blog post
  • Read a blog post and comment on it
  • Send follow up or check-in emails to past clients
  • Create downloadables or printables for your blog or website
  • File receipts or record your income and expenses
  • Get testimonials from past clients

BONUS- Grab the free printable


What about when you’re working on a big project like an ebook or ecourse that you just can’t seem to find the time for? Spend a few minutes breaking your big task down into small steps and work away at finishing your project in your small pockets of time. A lot of great things can be made by piecing together the work you do in short bursts. You don’t always need an entire weekend free to finish your projects.

What are your best quick wins for your business?

Do you use short breaks to move your business forward? Let me know in the comments!

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