Welcome to Weekly Finds where we share some useful links from around the web that will help you grow your business, get shit done, and hopefully add a little inspiration to your weekend.

  • Every time I see someone using Snapchat I feel kind of old because I just don’t get it. Maybe this is the week to learn. The Nectar Collective shares tips on using Snapchat to grow and engage an audience.
  • We all know content marketing is the bomb dot com for driving traffic, growing an audience, and earning dolla dolla bills. Maya Elious shares best practices for 9 types of free content that you can use to drive sales for your business while building your list.
  • Carrie is keepin’ it real on what it’s like to be the breadwinner for her family and still maintain that ever-elusive work/life balance. ‘According to a Pew Center Research analysis, over 40% of American households, with children under the age of 18, include a mother who’s the primary earner.’ Ladies kick butts.
  • Erika knows what’s up when it comes to creating an online presence that gets you business. Here she’s sharing 50 things you can do to build a trustworthy online brand.
  • I love me a good “what I wish I knew” post, so here’s one from Levo League on everything one writer wishes she had known before starting freelancing. Some of this is specific to writers, but the first few points apply to everyone.
  • Want to DIY your website but not sure how the F to code? WordPress developer extraordinaire, Lisa at Elembee, is sharing the secrets to coding your own website.
  • If you ever have days where you find yourself doubting your own abilities to do this entrepreneurship and freelance thing, this is for you. 5 affirmations to silence self-doubt from the founder of Clementine Daily.

Here’s to a productive week!

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