Weekly Finds

WEEKLY FINDS LINK ROUNDUPSharing is caring! Here are some of my favourite links from the week that I want to share with you to help your business grow. 

  • Do you sometimes feel like there’s no point in working on your blog or your book or whatever that new project is because someone else is already doing it? Stop playing the comparison game! The always wise Marie Forleo has some advice on how to get over this creativity killer.
  • Sticking to a blogging schedule is tough business when you’ve got a bunch of other things to do, not to mention that negative voice in your head telling you there’s no point. Learn to commit with these ideas. (I need to read this one million times)
  • This is why you shouldn’t let statistics about failed businesses get you down.
  • Break ups are hard y’all. But sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few things/people/patterns to break up with this year to be a happier you.
  • If you want to grow your business this year you need to start by thinking like a pro. These 5 mindset shifts will help you to get there.
  • Sometimes freelancers get stuck in a rut. If you relate to this “Friends’ eyes glaze over when you complain about your current project, or praise your current project, or even say the words “current project” but you can’t help it because may God have mercy ON YOUR POOR BENIGHTED SOUL THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE IS YOUR CURRENT PROJECT.” It might be time for a new project.