WEEKLY FINDS LINK ROUNDUPSharing is caring! Here are some of my favourite links from the week that I want to share with you to help your business grow. 

  • We all want to make more money. And you know what? You deserve it! Heather Thorkelson has 8 ideas for how you can make more money this year. Try one, or all 8, and take that vacation you’ve been talking about!
  • Amy Lynn Andrews has some valuable tips on getting organized before you start making money online. Set your business up right to avoid headaches later!
  • Don’t you just hate it when you get paid only to find that PayPal has taken a cut of your money? Apparently you can avoid PayPal fees!
  • Erika Madden rounded up tips from 13 business ladies (including yours truly) to share their tips on delighting their customers. Use these tips and boost your repeat and referral business. I know I’ll be putting some of these tips in place!
  • Do you feel like a bit of a fraud sometimes? Val from Aspire & Grow has a pretty good argument for considering yourself an expert.
  • Expressing yourself tactfully to clients when you’re mega stressed and ready to snap (because they’ve sent you 6 gd emails by 9am, or whatever) can be tricky. Memorize these phrases to avoid sounding like a jerk,. Read this and bookmark it for future use – because you will need it.
  • If you are currently attempting to grow your email list, Mariah from Femtrepreneur has some tips for you! She shares how she grew her email list from almost nothing to over 600 in one month!

Have a rad week freelancers!

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