Why Should You Give A #!@% About Blogging

freelance bloggingA lot of freelancers I meet tell me they hate blogging (GASP!). They think it takes too much time and don’t see any point to it.

The typical responses:

“I’m not a crafter/fashionista/cook/insert typical lifestyle blog category here.”

“No one would read it.”

“I have nothing to write about.”

These excuses only show me one thing Рthat these people are missing the point.

The point of blogging for freelancers is simple. It’s to help you get clients.

Your blog doesn’t need to get thousands of views every day or have hundreds of followers on feedly to help you in your freelancing career. Your blog simply needs to demonstrate that you know your shit.

When entrepreneurs are looking for freelancers to help them build their business, they are looking for people who know their field inside and out. The easiest way to show a total stranger that you know what you’re talking about is to talk about it.

How do you write a blog to get more clients?

  • By writing a blog that delivers consistent value and demonstrates your expertise to your target audience.
  • By showing them that you understand their biggest pain points.
  • By giving them tips to understanding how successful people in their niche got there.
  • By providing answers to the questions they have about your field.

I’m not saying you have to give away all your secrets. Just prove that you know what you’re talking about. Because it’s almost guaranteed that you know more about your field than the people who are hiring you.

Your blog doesn’t have to get a boat load of traffic or take up heaps of your time. It just has to convince the people searching for a freelancer in your field that you are the perfect person for the job. That’s it.

So show them.

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