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89+ Best Side Hustles for Teenagers in 2024 (Online + In Person)

Looking for the best side hustles for teenagers? You’re in the right place!

This post is your ultimate guide to discovering a range of side hustles for teenagers, tailored to fit your interests, skills, and schedule. Whether you’re saving for college, wanting to buy your first car, or just eager to earn some extra cash, we’ve got you covered.

From online opportunities that tap into your digital savvy to in-person gigs that get you out and about in your community, this guide is packed with ideas that are not only profitable but also incredibly fulfilling.

Let’s explore these side hustles for teenagers and find the perfect match for your entrepreneurial spirit!

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In-Person Side Hustles for Teenagers

mowing the lawn

1. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a classic outdoor side hustle for teens. It involves cutting grass in yards and gardens using a lawn mower. This job requires physical effort and attention to detail. Teens can offer their services to neighbors and local community members. It’s a great way to earn money, especially in spring and summer. Safety is important, so wearing protective gear and understanding the mower’s operation is key.

2. Dog Walking

Dog walking is perfect for animal lovers. It involves taking dogs for walks, providing them with exercise and companionship. This pet business can be relaxing and enjoyable, especially for those who love spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way to learn responsibility, as taking care of pets is a serious task. Building a regular client base can lead to a steady income.

3. Babysitting

Babysitting is a popular job for responsible teens. It involves taking care of children while their parents are away. Duties might include feeding, playing, and putting kids to bed. Babysitters need to be trustworthy, patient, and good with children. It’s also a great way to learn about childcare, which can be useful in many future careers.

4. Car Washing

Car washing involves cleaning the exterior and sometimes interior of vehicles. It can be done at the client’s home or a designated location. This job requires attention to detail and a bit of elbow grease. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and can be quite satisfying, especially when turning a dirty car sparkling clean.

5. House Cleaning

House cleaning is about keeping homes tidy and clean. Tasks include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sometimes organizing spaces. It requires diligence and a good work ethic. This job can be quite rewarding, as a clean home makes a big difference in people’s lives. It also teaches valuable skills in maintaining a household.

6. Tutoring Younger Students

Tutoring involves helping younger students understand and excel in various subjects. This could be anything from math, science, to language arts. It requires knowledge of the subject and the ability to teach it in an understandable way. It’s a rewarding job as tutors directly contribute to someone’s educational growth.

7. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is taking care of pets while their owners are away. This could involve feeding, walking, and playing with the pets. It’s perfect for teens who love animals and are responsible. This job can also include basic grooming like brushing fur. It’s a great way to learn about different animal behaviors and needs.

8. Selling Handmade Crafts at Local Fairs

This involves creating and selling your own crafts. This could be anything from jewelry, art, to homemade candles. It’s a great way to express creativity and learn about business. Selling at local fairs also helps in understanding market demand and customer interaction.

9. Grocery Shopping for Neighbors

This food-related service involves shopping for and delivering groceries to neighbors who might be unable to do it themselves. It requires good organizational skills and a sense of responsibility. It’s also a great way to help out in the community and can be quite fulfilling.

10. Gardening Services

Gardening services can range from planting flowers to maintaining vegetable gardens. It requires knowledge about plants and a love for working outdoors. This job can be quite therapeutic and offers the satisfaction of seeing your efforts bloom literally.

snow shovelling

11. Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling is a seasonal job ideal for winter months. It involves clearing snow from driveways and walkways. This job is physically demanding but can be lucrative, especially after heavy snowfalls. It’s a great way to stay active during the winter.

12. Leaf Raking

Leaf raking is a fall activity where you clear leaves from yards and gardens. It’s a simple, yet physically engaging task. This job is perfect for enjoying the autumn air and keeping neighborhoods looking neat and tidy. You can also start this without money, so long as you have a rake!

13. Running Errands for People

This could include a variety of tasks like picking up dry cleaning, mailing packages, or any other errands. It requires good time management and reliability. It’s a great way to help those who are busy or unable to run errands themselves.

14. Painting Fences or Rooms

This job involves painting and possibly prepping surfaces for painting. It requires attention to detail and a steady hand. It’s a great way to learn a valuable skill and can be quite satisfying, especially when seeing the transformation of a space.

15. Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning involves maintaining and cleaning swimming pools. This includes checking chemical levels, cleaning filters, and removing debris. It’s a job that requires attention to detail and a commitment to safety. This side hustle is especially good in warmer climates where pools are common.

16. Selling Baked Goods

This involves baking and selling items like cookies, cakes, or bread. It’s perfect for teens who love to bake. It teaches valuable skills in cooking, budgeting, and sales. Selling at school events, local fairs, or to neighbors can be a great start. It’s important to ensure food safety and quality in every batch.

17. Assisting with Moving or Packing

This service includes helping people pack their belongings for a move or assisting on moving day. It requires physical strength and organizational skills. Teens can learn valuable lessons in logistics and customer service. It’s a great way to earn money, especially in the summer when many families move.

18. Washing Windows

This job involves cleaning the interior and exterior of windows in homes or businesses. It requires attention to detail and a bit of physical effort. It’s a great way to work outdoors and can be quite satisfying, especially seeing the clear results of your hard work.

19. Organizing Garages or Basements

This service includes helping people declutter and organize spaces like garages or basements. It requires organizational skills and a bit of physical labor. Teens can learn how to manage and complete projects, which is a valuable skill in any career.

20. Plant Watering Service

This involves watering plants for people who are away or unable to do it themselves. It’s perfect for teens who enjoy gardening. It requires responsibility and a basic understanding of plant care. This job can be relaxing and offers a sense of accomplishment in keeping plants healthy.

delivering newspaper

21. Delivering Newspapers

Newspaper delivery is a traditional job for early risers. It involves delivering newspapers to subscribers’ homes, usually in the morning. It teaches punctuality and responsibility. It’s a great way to earn a steady income and stay active.

22. Refereeing for Youth Sports

This job involves officiating at youth sporting events. It requires a good understanding of the sport, quick decision-making, and the ability to manage players and coaches. It’s great for teens who love sports and want to stay involved in a different way.

23. Selling Produce from a Home Garden

This involves growing and selling fruits, vegetables, or herbs. It’s perfect for teens with a green thumb. It teaches about agriculture, business, and sustainability. Selling at local farmers’ markets or to neighbors can be a rewarding experience.

24. Setting up Technology for the Elderly

This service includes helping elderly people set up and understand technology like smartphones, computers, or TVs. It requires patience and knowledge of technology. It’s a great way to help the community and bridge the generational tech gap.

25. Bicycle Repair

This involves fixing and maintaining bicycles. It’s perfect for teens who are mechanically inclined. It teaches valuable skills in mechanics and problem-solving. Offering services to friends, family, and neighbors can be a great start.

26. Flyer Distribution

This job involves distributing flyers for businesses or events. It requires stamina and good organizational skills. It’s a simple way to earn money and can be quite enjoyable, especially if you can do it while walking or biking around your neighborhood.

27. Teaching Music Lessons

This is about teaching instruments or singing to beginners. It requires proficiency in music and patience. It’s rewarding, as you help others develop their musical talents. This can be done at your home, the student’s home, or even online.

28. Face Painting at Events

This involves painting faces with designs at events like fairs or birthday parties. It requires artistic skill and a friendly demeanor. It’s a fun and creative way to earn money and is especially popular at children’s events.

29. Hosting Garage Sales

This includes organizing and running garage sales, either for yourself or others. It requires organizational skills and a knack for sales. It’s a great way to learn about marketing, negotiation, and customer service.

30. Personal Shopping

This service involves shopping for clothes, groceries, or gifts on behalf of someone else. It requires good taste and an understanding of the client’s preferences. It’s perfect for teens who love shopping and want to help others make good purchase decisions.

31. Photography Services

This involves taking photos for events, portraits, or landscapes. Teens with a passion for photography can offer their services for family events, school functions, or local businesses. It requires a good eye for detail and some knowledge of photo editing. This hustle not only earns money but also helps in building a creative portfolio.

32. Creating and Selling T-shirts

This involves designing and selling custom T-shirts. Teens can use online platforms to create designs and sell them. This hustle combines creativity with entrepreneurial skills. It’s great for those who have a knack for design and marketing. Understanding what people like to wear and staying up-to-date with trends can be key.

making jewelry

33. Jewelry Making and Sales

This includes creating and selling handmade jewelry. It requires creativity, patience, and skill in crafting. Teens can sell their creations online, at craft fairs, or to friends and family. This hustle allows for artistic expression and can be quite profitable.

34. Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

This involves managing the financial records for small businesses. It requires organizational skills and attention to detail. Teens with a knack for numbers can offer their services to local businesses or startups. This hustle is great for gaining experience in finance and business management.

35. Fitness Training or Coaching

This includes providing fitness training or coaching services. Teens with expertise in a particular sport or fitness regime can offer personal training sessions. This requires knowledge of fitness and the ability to motivate and instruct others. It’s great for those passionate about health and wellness.

36. Makeup Artist for Events

This beauty hustle involves doing makeup for events like weddings, proms, or photo shoots. It requires skill in makeup application and an understanding of different styles. Teens with a passion for beauty and creativity can excel in this hustle. It’s also a great way to build a network in the event industry.

37. Hairstyling for Events

Similar to makeup, this involves styling hair for special events. It requires skill, creativity, and an understanding of different hair types. Teens can start by offering services to friends and family and expand their clientele through word of mouth.

38. Home Decoration During Holidays

This service includes decorating homes for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. It requires creativity and an eye for design. Teens can offer to set up, take down, and store decorations. This hustle is especially busy during the winter and holiday seasons.

39. Selling Artwork

This involves creating and selling original artwork. Teens can use various creative mediums like painting, drawing, or digital art. Art can be sold online, at art shows, or through commissions. This hustle allows for creative expression and can be quite fulfilling.

40. Performing Magic Shows

This includes performing magic at parties, events, or local venues. It requires practice, charisma, and a knack for entertaining. Teens interested in magic can start by learning tricks and building a small act. This hustle is not only fun but also improves public speaking and presentation skills.

41. Hosting Children’s Parties

This involves planning and hosting parties for children. It includes activities, games, and entertainment. Teens with a flair for entertainment and a love for working with kids can excel in this hustle. It requires organizational skills and a lot of energy.

42. Providing Tech Support

This includes helping people with technology-related issues. Teens with a good understanding of computers, software, or electronics can offer their services. This can range from setting up devices to troubleshooting problems. It’s a great way to use tech skills to help others.

43. Assisting in Event Planning

This involves helping with the planning and execution of events. Tasks might include sending invitations, coordinating with vendors, or setting up venues. Teens with organizational skills and an eye for detail can offer their services to local event planners or for family events.

44. Tailoring or Sewing Services

This includes altering or creating clothing. Teens with sewing skills can offer services like hemming, mending, or even making custom outfits. This hustle is great for those with a passion for fashion and design.

45. Guiding Local Tours

This involves leading tours in a local area. Teens knowledgeable about their city’s history, landmarks, or unique spots can offer guided tours. This hustle is great for those who enjoy public speaking and interacting with people.

46. Street Performance (Music, Dance, etc.)

This includes performing music, dance, or other arts in public spaces. Teens with talents in these areas can showcase their skills and entertain passersby. It requires confidence and a talent for performance. This hustle can be a fun way to earn money and gain exposure.

Online Side Hustles for Teenagers

teen blogger

47. Blogging

Blogging is a dynamic platform for teens to share their voice with the world. By creating a blog, they can delve into topics ranging from personal experiences to reviews, DIY projects, or even current events.

The key to successful blogging lies in producing engaging, original content and updating it regularly. Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and utilizing social media for promotion are crucial skills for driving traffic to the blog. Monetization strategies include displaying ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling digital products.

Blogging not only hones writing and marketing skills but also encourages self-expression and can be a stepping stone to a career in writing, journalism, or digital marketing.

48. Creating YouTube Content

YouTube offers a vast platform for creative expression. Teens can channel their passions into videos, whether it’s through how-to guides, gaming, fashion, music, or educational content. The key is to create content that resonates with and grows an audience.

This hustle requires learning video editing and production skills, understanding YouTube’s algorithm, and engaging with the community through comments and collaborations. Successful YouTubers can monetize their channel through ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales.

49. Social Media Management

In the digital age, a strong social media presence is vital for businesses and public figures. Teens with a flair for social media can manage accounts, creating and curating content that engages the target audience. This role involves strategizing posts, analyzing engagement data, and staying up-to-date with trends.

Skills developed in this hustle include content creation, marketing, and communication. It’s an excellent opportunity for teens to get a taste of the digital marketing world and build a portfolio that showcases their ability to grow and maintain an online presence.

50. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is a blend of creativity and technology. Teens with a talent for design can create a variety of materials, including logos, brochures, posters, and digital graphics. Proficiency in design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or free tools like Canva is essential.

This side hustle not only allows teens to express their creativity but also to learn about branding, layout, and color theory. It’s a valuable skill set that can lead to opportunities in advertising, web design, and various other creative industries.

51. Selling Products on Etsy

Etsy provides a unique platform for teens to showcase and sell their handmade or vintage items. Whether it’s jewelry, art, crafts, or upcycled goods, Etsy is a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs. Success on Etsy requires understanding the platform’s SEO, presenting products attractively through photography, and providing excellent customer service.

52. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing offers a flexible and diverse opportunity for teens to earn money. They can write articles, blog posts, web content, or even creative stories for various clients. This hustle requires excellent research and writing skills, as well as the ability to adapt to different writing styles and tones.

Freelance writing is not just about crafting well-written content, it’s also about understanding client needs, meeting deadlines, and self-promotion. It’s an excellent way for teens to improve their writing skills, learn about different industries, and build a portfolio of published work.

53. Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring allows teens to share their knowledge in subjects they excel in with students who need help. This can range from academic subjects like math and science to language learning or musical instruments. Effective virtual tutoring requires a deep understanding of the subject, the ability to explain concepts clearly, and patience.

Communication skills are also key, as tutors need to engage students and adapt their teaching methods to different learning styles. This side hustle not only reinforces the tutor’s knowledge but also develops teaching skills and can be incredibly rewarding.

54. Creating and Selling Digital Art

This venture allows teens to explore their artistic talents using digital tools.

By using software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, they can create a wide range of art, from illustrations to digital paintings. The digital format allows for diverse applications – their art can be sold as prints, featured on merchandise like t-shirts and phone cases, or offered as downloadable content.

This side hustle not only provides a platform for creative expression but also teaches valuable skills in digital media. It’s an excellent way for young artists to build a digital portfolio and establish a presence in the art world.

55. Online Surveys

Participating in online surveys is a straightforward way for teens to earn some extra money. Market research companies are always looking for feedback on various products and services and are willing to pay for it. While this side hustle doesn’t require special skills, it does demand patience and honesty.

The key is to find legitimate survey sites and understand that it’s a way to make supplemental income rather than a full-time earning opportunity. It’s a flexible option that can be easily fitted around a busy teenage schedule.

56. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, teens can earn a commission by promoting products or services. They can leverage a blog, social media account, or YouTube channel to share affiliate links. The success in affiliate marketing lies in choosing products that resonate with their audience and presenting them in an engaging way. This hustle not only brings in income but also teaches important lessons in marketing, communication, and understanding consumer behavior.

57. Podcasting

Starting a podcast allows teens to delve into topics they’re passionate about, be it sports, hobbies, education, or entertainment. It involves planning content, recording, and editing episodes, and then publishing them on various platforms. Monetization can come from sponsorships, advertisements, or listener support. Podcasting is not just a potential source of income; it’s a powerful way to develop communication skills and build a network of listeners and fellow podcasters.

58. Web Design

Web design is a fantastic side hustle for tech-savvy teens. It involves creating visually appealing and functional websites for clients. This requires a good grasp of design principles, as well as proficiency in web design tools and languages like HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript.

Teens can offer their services to small businesses, non-profits, or personal projects. This hustle not only pays but also builds a portfolio that can be invaluable for future career opportunities in tech and design.

59. Selling Stock Photography

For teens with a talent for photography, selling stock photos is a great way to earn money. High-quality, unique photographs are in demand for use in advertising, websites, and blogs. Understanding what types of images sell and how to market them on platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock is key. This hustle can turn a photography hobby into a profitable venture and help develop a professional portfolio.

60. Online Game Streaming

Game streaming on platforms like Twitch or YouTube can be both fun and profitable. It involves playing video games while engaging with an audience live. Successful streamers build a community around their personality and gaming skills.

Income can be generated through advertisements, subscriptions, and viewer donations. This hustle requires charisma, a knack for entertainment, and gaming prowess. It’s a unique way to blend a passion for gaming with community building and online content creation.

61. Voice-Over Work

Voice-over work is an excellent way for teens with a good speaking voice to earn money. This can include recording for advertisements, video narrations, or audiobooks. It requires clear enunciation, the ability to convey emotion or information through voice, and sometimes acting skills. With a quality microphone and a quiet space, voice-over work can be done from home, making it a flexible and exciting side hustle.

62. Creating Educational Courses

Teens with expertise in a particular area can create and sell online courses. This could be academic subjects, practical skills, or hobbies. Creating a course involves planning the curriculum, recording video lessons, and possibly creating supplementary materials like quizzes or handouts.

Platforms like Udemy or Teachable are popular for hosting these courses. This hustle not only earns money but also reinforces the teen’s own knowledge and teaching skills.

63. E-book Writing and Selling

Writing and selling e-books is a fantastic way for teens to channel their creativity or expertise into a profitable format. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or instructional guides, e-book writing requires a clear, engaging writing style and a good grasp of the topic.

Understanding e-book formatting and publishing, which can be done through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, is crucial. This hustle offers the satisfaction of creating a published work and the potential for passive income.

data entry

64. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry involves inputting information into databases or spreadsheets. It’s a task that requires attention to detail and basic computer skills. Teens can find data entry work with companies or through freelance platforms. It’s a straightforward way to earn money online.

65. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants help with tasks like email management, scheduling, data entry, or social media management. Teens with good organizational skills can offer their services to entrepreneurs or small businesses. This role can teach valuable administrative skills and is often flexible in terms of hours.

66. Online Language Tutoring

Teens fluent in a second language can offer tutoring services online. This can be through video calls, creating language learning resources, or even conversation practice. It requires fluency in the language and the ability to teach effectively. Platforms like iTalki or VIPKid can be a good place to start.

67. Resume Writing Services

This involves helping people create effective resumes. Teens with good writing skills and an understanding of what employers look for can offer this service. It requires staying updated with current resume trends and formats. This hustle can be particularly rewarding as it helps others in their career journeys.

68. SEO Consulting

If a teen has knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they can offer consulting services to businesses or bloggers. This involves helping clients improve their website’s visibility on search engines. It requires staying up-to-date with SEO trends and understanding analytics.

69. Online Event Planning

This includes planning and organizing events like webinars, virtual parties, or online workshops. Teens with organizational skills and creativity can excel in this role. It involves tasks like coordinating with participants, managing schedules, and ensuring the event runs smoothly.

70. Digital Marketing Services

This involves offering services like social media marketing, email marketing, or content creation. Teens with a knack for marketing and understanding of digital platforms can offer their services to small businesses or startups. It’s a great way to learn about the marketing industry.

71. Creating and Selling Music Beats

Teens with musical talent can create and sell beats or instrumental tracks. This can be done using software like FL Studio or Ableton Live. Beats can be sold to musicians, producers, or through online platforms. It’s a creative way to earn money and can lead to industry connections.

72. Online Personal Shopping

This involves shopping for clothing, gifts, or other items for clients. Teens with a good sense of style and understanding of shopping platforms can offer to find and purchase items for others. It requires understanding client preferences and staying within their budget.

73. Video Editing Services

This involves editing video content for clients, which could include YouTubers, businesses, or individuals wanting to enhance personal videos. Teens with skills in video editing software can offer to cut, splice, add effects, and improve the overall quality of video content. This hustle requires a creative eye and attention to detail, and it’s great for those who enjoy storytelling through visual media.

74. Creating and Managing a Podcast

Starting a podcast involves choosing a topic, recording audio, editing, and publishing episodes. Teens can create podcasts on subjects they are passionate about. Managing a podcast also includes promoting it and potentially securing sponsorships. This hustle enhances communication skills and can be a fun way to connect with like-minded individuals.

75. Online Course Tutoring

This includes tutoring students through online platforms in various subjects. Teens who excel academically can offer help in areas like math, science, languages, or test preparation. It requires a good understanding of the subject matter and the ability to explain concepts clearly. Online tutoring can be done via video calls, creating a flexible work schedule.

76. Creating and Selling Printables

This involves designing and selling digital files like planners, art prints, or educational materials that customers can print out. Teens with a knack for design can use software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva. This hustle is great for those who enjoy graphic design and allows for creative expression.

77. Online Craft Workshops

Teens skilled in crafts like knitting, painting, or jewelry making can host online workshops or classes. This involves teaching a craft through video tutorials or live workshops. It’s a great way to share a hobby and can be monetized through course fees or selling craft kits.

78. Virtual Interior Design

This service includes providing interior design consultation and advice online. Teens with a flair for design can help clients choose furniture, color schemes, and decor for their homes. This can involve creating mood boards or digital renderings. It’s a creative hustle that can be done entirely online.

Editing an animated video

79. Animation Services

Teens with animation skills can offer services like creating animated videos, GIFs, or graphics. This requires proficiency in animation software and a creative storytelling ability. Animation services can be offered to businesses, YouTubers, or for personal projects.

80. Online Comedy or Entertainment Shows

This involves creating and performing in online shows, which could be comedy sketches, magic shows, or other entertainment formats. Teens can use platforms like YouTube or TikTok to showcase their talent. This hustle is great for those who enjoy performing and have a knack for entertaining an audience.

81. Developing and Selling Online Games

Teens with programming and game design skills can develop and sell their own online games. This can be through platforms like Steam or mobile app stores. It requires coding skills, creativity, and an understanding of what makes a game enjoyable and engaging.

82. Creating and Selling Mobile Apps

Similar to game development, this involves creating and selling mobile applications. Teens with coding skills can develop apps that solve a problem, entertain, or provide utility. Successful apps can generate income through sales, in-app purchases, or advertising.

83. Online Fitness Coaching

Teens with a passion for fitness can offer coaching services online. This can include creating workout plans, providing nutritional advice, or conducting fitness classes via video. It requires knowledge of fitness and the ability to motivate and guide clients.

84. App Development

App development is an excellent side hustle for tech-savvy teens. It involves using coding skills to create applications for mobile devices. This could range from games to educational or utility apps. Success in this field requires not only a good grasp of programming languages like Java or Swift but also an understanding of user experience and interface design. Teens can monetize their apps through sales, in-app purchases, or ads, turning a passion for technology into a profitable venture.

85. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a dynamic side hustle for teens. It involves building a following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube by creating engaging content. Success as an influencer comes from understanding social media algorithms and consistently engaging with your audience. Monetization opportunities include sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales. This role requires creativity, persistence, and a knack for digital marketing.

86. Online Coaching (Fitness, Life Skills, etc.)

Online coaching allows teens to share their expertise in areas like fitness or life skills through virtual sessions. This side hustle requires not only knowledge in the specific coaching area but also strong communication skills to effectively teach and motivate clients. Conducting one-on-one or group sessions online, teens can make a positive impact while honing their own skills and building a client base.

87. Transcription Services

Transcription services offer a practical side hustle for teens with good listening skills and fast typing abilities. This task involves transcribing audio files for various industries, including legal, medical, and media. Accuracy and attention to detail are key, along with the ability to maintain confidentiality. Teens can find transcription work on various online platforms, offering a flexible and valuable skill that can be performed from home.

88. Creating and Selling Online Courses

Beyond academic tutoring, teens can create courses on any topic they’re knowledgeable about, like a hobby, skill, or personal development. This involves planning the course, creating content (videos, texts, quizzes), and marketing it on platforms like Udemy or Teachable. This hustle allows for creative teaching and the potential for passive income.

89. Online Fashion Consulting

This side hustle includes offering fashion advice, personal styling, or shopping assistance online. Teens with a good sense of style can help clients choose outfits and develop their personal style. This can involve creating style guides or virtual shopping sessions.

90. Virtual Book Club Hosting

Hosting a virtual book club involves organizing and leading discussions about books with a group of people online. Teens can choose book selections, facilitate discussions, and manage the club’s schedule. This hustle is great for those who love reading and discussing literature.

A teen hosting a book club

How to Start a Side Hustle (a Quick Guide for Teens)

Starting a side hustle as a teenager is an exciting way to gain independence, learn new skills, and earn your own money.

Starting a side hustle is not just about making money; it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. It teaches you about responsibility, time management, and the value of hard work. So, go ahead, choose a path that excites you, and take your first step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started on this rewarding journey:

1. Identify Your Skills and Interests

The first step is to think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. Are you creative, tech-savvy, great with kids, or do you have a knack for selling? Your side hustle should align with your interests and skills. This way, it doesn’t just feel like work, but a fun and engaging activity.

2. Research Your Idea

Once you have an idea, research it. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, look into what topics are popular and how to set one up. If you’re leaning towards something like tutoring, find out what subjects are in demand. This step is crucial to ensure there’s a market for your hustle and to understand what you’re getting into.

3. Plan It Out

Every successful venture needs a plan. Outline what you need to start your side hustle. This could include materials, a website, or a space to work. Set goals for what you want to achieve and create a timeline for reaching them. This will keep you focused and organized.

If you are under the age of 18, make sure that you talk to your parents or guardian. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re legally aloud to work in your jurisdiction.

4. Budget Wisely

Some side hustles require a little investment to get started. You might need to buy supplies or pay for a website domain. Create a budget to track your expenses. This will help you manage your finances effectively and understand the economics of running a business.

5. Start Small and Grow

Begin your hustle on a small scale. If you’re into photography, start by offering your services to family and friends. Use these early experiences to learn and improve. As you gain confidence and skills, gradually expand your reach.

6. Market Yourself

Let people know about your side hustle. Use social media, word of mouth, and community boards to advertise your services. Creating business cards or flyers can also be a great way to spread the word.

7. Manage Your Time

Balancing school, extracurricular activities, and a side hustle can be challenging. Create a schedule to manage your time effectively. Remember, your education and well-being are important too.

8. Stay Committed and Adapt

Persistence is key. Every business faces challenges, but don’t get discouraged. Be open to adapting your approach and learning from any setbacks. Your resilience will be a major factor in your success.

9. Keep Learning

The world is constantly changing, and so are market needs. Stay informed about trends in your area of interest. There are plenty of online resources, courses, and books that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

10. Enjoy the Journey

Finally, enjoy what you’re doing! Your side hustle should be something that brings you joy and satisfaction. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small, and enjoy the journey of growing your own business.

Final Thoughts: Best Side Hustles for Teenagers

Diving into the world of side hustles as a teenager is an exciting journey of financial independence and skill-building. Our top picks, ranging from creative online ventures like blogging and digital art creation to engaging in-person activities such as tutoring and pet sitting, are designed to suit diverse interests and talents.

The key to a successful side hustle is choosing something you’re passionate about and can commit to. Whether you’re tech-savvy, artistically inclined, or love helping others, there’s a side hustle out there for you. Start exploring these opportunities and take your first step towards an empowering and rewarding experience. After all, side hustles for teenagers aren’t just about making money; they’re about shaping your future.

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